Hair Restoration

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Hair Restoration

If you’re experiencing hair loss, hair restoration can help. At Hands on Health Wellness Center, nurse practitioner Jerria Bernestine, FNP-BC, Anniesha Scott, DC, and the team of experienced medical professionals provide excellent hair restoration treatment, including hair restoration with enriched plasma. Call the Carrollton, Texas, office to learn more about hair loss and the hair loss restoration treatments available. Or click the online scheduler today.    

Hair Restoration Q&A

How do I prepare for a hair restoration appointment?

When preparing for your first hair restoration appointment at Hands on Health Wellness Center, it helps to first bring your concerns to the attention of your primary care or functional medicine doctor.

It also helps to gather the following information before your first appointment:

  • List key personal information, including any major stresses or recent life changes
  • Make a list of all medications, vitamins, and supplements that you're taking
  • Review your diet and hair care routine
  • List questions to ask your doctor

Your doctor will likely order various tests to help determine potential causes and develop a hair restoration treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and goals.

What are some of the hair restoration treatments available?

Your Hands on Health Wellness Center provider might recommend the following treatments for hair restoration:


IV vitamin therapy

IV Fabulous is an excellent option for hair, skin, and nails. This IV vitamin therapy includes vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients like vitamin C, B complex, biotin (B7), glutathione, dexpanthenol, and zinc to support healthy hair and nail growth.


Enriched plasma injection therapy

Enriched plasma injection therapy is a popular method of hair restoration and anti-aging and is among the treatments available at Hands on Health Wellness Center.

Enriched plasma therapy helps the body heal itself naturally using your body’s platelets and also works to stimulate hair growth. Your provider might administer Enriched plasma therapy to the scalp for hair restoration and the face, along with microneedling for wrinkle reduction, skin smoothing, tightening, and rejuvenation benefits.

Call the office to schedule an appointment to learn more about hair loss and the hair restoration treatments available at Hands on Health Wellness Center. Or click the online scheduler, which is fast and easy.